Antique French Copper Colander

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A beautiful antique french copper colander. This is clearly a hand-crafted piece, most likely made in the 1800's, but it could even be a bit older. As you would expect to find in a 150-200 year old piece of cookware, there are some minor dings to be noted. However, there are no structural issue that interfere with use.

The interior appears to have been lined with tin, at some point in time. However, most of the lining has worn away. If you look closely at the pictures, you can still some silvery metal remaining on the surface of a few of the rivets. As a strainer/colander this piece is good to go without tin, but if you were planning to use it for cooking or steaming I'd have it re-tinned.

17.5" Handle to handle, 12.5" upper diameter not including handles, 9" base diameter. 5.25" in depth.
Weight is 2.5lbs
Antique French Copper Colander