Forged Carbon Steel Saucier Pan

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2 - 11” with long handle
1 - 13” with two short handles.
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Now available in a new, larger 13 inch size!
The Saucier offers an 8-inch cooking base with a deep sidewall measuring two inches vertically. The wall has a slight curve to it and measures eleven inches across the pan from lip to lip.

Best for higher volume dishes, braising and building up sauces and gravies.

8" diameter cooking base | deep side wall ~ 2" vertical height | 11" diameter from lip to lip | 23 1/2" from handle to end of long handle | 5lbs | 2.25qt volume

All-steel construction, preseasoned with coconut oil. Handcrafted from start to finish, Blanc Creatives forged steel pans are as beautiful as they are sturdy; a true joy to cook with.

Forged Carbon Steel Saucier Pan