1909 Notre Dame Presentation Fruit Bowl

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A stunning antique Victorian era silver plated Fruitbowl or cake basket, covered with cut work, engraving and repousse decoration. Engraved around the body to read:
Hommage des Eleves de l’Ecole
Notre Dame, Southbridge
20 Decembre 1909
1884 - Noces d’Argent - 1909
Rev. L. O. Trigonne

This piece was presented by the students of the Notre Dame church school in Southbridge Massachusetts, this was a French congregation which is why the piece is engraved in French. In excellent condition for its age, no dents or damage, though there is a very slight lean only noticeable from certain sides, I’m sure this could be easily fixed by a professional or someone handy by bending the top back slightly. Moderate tarnish, but there doesn’t appear to be any plate wear whatsoever on the outside, and only slight speckled wear inside the bowl.

Measures 10” across the opening, 12” wide at the base of the top, 6.5” across the base, 8” tall
1909 Notre Dame Presentation Fruit Bowl